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Matt's "Really Useful" Storage Solution

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All done!

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This has worked really well for me and I’m really pleased with the result.

All done!

The magnets are really strong and the miniatures don’t move at all. I’d be happy to store metal miniatures this way.

You can easily hold this upside down! This better work!You can easily hold this upside down! This better work!

Getting miniatures in and out of the box is easy. No snagging on foam and no trying to find the right hole for the right miniature!

The space is also much more efficient. The miniatures in this box used to take up at least 3 times the amount of space in foam trays, plus I had to store the foam tray somewhere safe too!

Overall, I think this is how I’m going to store most of my miniatures in the future!

I hope this has helped someone!

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Cult of Games Member

I’ve been thinking about magnetising my really useful boxes, and have been unsure on how to do it. This tutorial has really helped a lot.

Cheers dude

Cult of Games Member

Brilliant idea and thanks for sharing.

Cult of Games Member

Hi I made the same thing recently. While my miniatures do stick to the sheet, and they’ll stay in place if I hold it upside down, the magnetic hold is nowhere near as strong as the attraction the magnets have to a metal tin. Did you find the same thing with the magnetic sheets you used?

Many thanks for creating this project. Wish I’d seen it sooner.

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