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Post-apocalyptic Wasteland Scenery - Terrain Challenge

Post-apocalyptic Wasteland Scenery - Terrain Challenge

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Background and starting off

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I recently had the pleasure of attending the Wargames Illustrated 7TV Apocalypse Day held in the wonderful surroundings of Wargames Foundry on the outskirts of Newark.

The day was all about having fun testing out the new 7TV variant rules for gaming in a wide variety of post-apocalypse settings.  Although aimed at a wide variety of sub-genres within the PA setting, one of the key additions to the core game was expanded vehicle and vehicle combat rules.

Therefore preparation for the day included building a suitable vehicle to carry your cast and fight it out with.

Some excellent terrain and scenery was provided on the day, but coming back I had the real desire to knock together something of my own.

I’d been hoarding some bits and pieces recently and what better to fight over in the ‘white line nightmare’ of the future than the precious gasoline.

So behold the start of the ‘biscuit tin oil refinery’…

Pound shop biscuit tins and a few Mantic Battlezones bitsPound shop biscuit tins and a few Mantic Battlezones bits

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Great idea – no I need to eat some biscuits, just what I need for Infinity

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