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I got Stoned - A Moonstone Tournament Report

I got Stoned - A Moonstone Tournament Report

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What is Moonstone?

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A game by Goblin King Games set in the Fantasy world of Tauber.

Official description:
Moonstone is a tabletop skirmish game for 2-4 players set in a grimm fairytale world. It uses unique Poker-like mechanics; players must read their opponents intentions well and bluff their way to victory.

The game is played over 4 turns with the aim to be holding the more moonstones than your opponent.
You will typically play with 5 or 6 models per side, making this a perfect sized skirmish game, played out on 3’ x 3’ tables.
All the models in the game are named and the sculpts are absolutely jam packed with detail and character, such as Baron Von Fancyhat, Boom Boom McBoom and Doug the Flatulent (yes he can fart to do damage!)

There are two main factions within the game, The Commonwealth and The Dominion. Within the main factions are sub races, such as goblins and faeries, humans and gnomes.

The rules are very straightforward and quick to learn, but the depth come from the unique abilities that the characters have and how the interactions and activation order changes how you play.

Races do have a style of play distinct to each one, yet with the wide range of characters within each race there is subtle variety even if you only play human or goblin.

Alongside the superb character of the game, making each game feel like you are seeing a story play out in front of you, there are unique card-based mechanics for range and melee attacks.

The rules are available to download here, as well as paper doll downloads to try the game, which I highly recommend.

The game was super successful on Kickstarter and is also now available in retail, at time of writing, from firestorm games.

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