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I got Stoned - A Moonstone Tournament Report

I got Stoned - A Moonstone Tournament Report

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Board Overview

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Like most skirmish games, terrain plays a huge part in dictating the gameplay but also adding extra narrative and immersion into each game.

The team of Tom and Richi had done a fab job in setting up tables ready for us to play on, with a super board reserved just for the top table.

Not only was there great boards to play on, they had themed each one to a place in the Moonstone world, and each one offered a very unique setup, and led us to have to play differently each game.

Town Square setup

This Board was configured to show a typical town within the world (they did have the specific town name but I forgot to make any notes)

I would say this played the most straightforward out of the boards, cover along the flanks with the main square being open, so a good mix of advantage for melee and ranged types.

This board did not have any elevated positions, so ranged characters had to rely on good cover and didn’t get any extra distance on their range.

A Typical town square setup.A Typical town square setup.

Richer Town with Elevated terrain

The next board was more of a richer province town with a good few crazy looking buildings.

This also was configured with a couple of covered flanks and a town square, but this time on one edge was a tower to deploy ranged shooters onto.

When elevated a range attack reduces cover by one level but also gains an additional 2″ on the range of the attack.

Board Overview

The forest board

This board was very unique, lots of chance to block line of sight and this board really made you think about movement and positioning. Out of all of the boards, this one really made you think about activation orders of both sides.

Board Overview

Ruins of the dark wood

The last of the boards used in the rounds was configured with ruins around the edge, offering flanking and elevation too.

A central square too (as you drop moonstones in the middle and see where they land) with a few trees to offer some cover from turn one elevated sniper shots.

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