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Into the Abyss with DeepWars & ShadowSea

Into the Abyss with DeepWars & ShadowSea

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Painting the Draconids of ShadowSea

Tutoring 2
Skill 6
Idea 4
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In this chapter I will be painting my Draconids of ShadowSea.

Albaxus Flametongue
The first one I’m working on for this range is Albaxus Flametongue.
This one gives me a good challenge to do some OSL (object source lighting). The base comes with crystals while he’s spitting fire. So this should become a nice collection of colours aswell, with blue crystal, yellow fire and red skin…

I’m using the Scale75 red paint set (blood and fire) for his skin.
For the crystals I’m going with Navi Blue, Sky Blue and pure White. These colors are also used for the OSL on the base.

— to be continued–

More to come soon…

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