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Journey to Middle-Earth

Journey to Middle-Earth

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My journey back to Middle-Earth

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Like for many others, for me the 2018 release of the Middle-Earth strategy battle game was one of the best hobby news all year. I’ve been a Tolkien fan since a child and the original Lord of the Rings miniatures game was a big favourite when it came out nearly 20 years ago. Being a complete sucker for Perry sculpts, I (gladly) never got rid of any of my LotR minies, and over the years kept returning to them, painting the occasional character, and even growing my collection here and there. With the game now being given a new life, and also picking up some steam at our local club, its a perfect time to return and paint some armies.

What I look to accomplish with this project:

– Paint few armies I never had in the original incarnation of the game: Mordor and Rohan. (Gotta love the Pelennor fields box ?)

– Finish painting my collection of characters.

– Revisit some of my old paint jobs from 15-20 years ago. I have a big collection of Dwarfs and Uruk-hai, and some Minas Tirith. Paint jobs aren’t too horrible, but man I have come a long way with basing from back then! I’ll most likely rebase the models and tidy up some shading and highlighting, repaint the occasional face.

– Try not to buy many new minies, but fail miserably.

– Get some games in!

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