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From Intimacy Male to Crystal Skin

From Intimacy Male to Crystal Skin

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This project began because my friend and I run a pair of twins in Kingdom Death: Monster named Pastor and Collux (see what we did there?).  At first they were identical in every way, including both managing to get Acid Palms without dying.  Then, Pastor got a metal jaw.  Shortly after Collux became a Crystal Skinned survivor and could no longer wear armour.

They’ve survived the entire campaign together, but neither have miniatures to represent them in-game.  I decided to change that.


The first step was to make a pair of twins.  This was easy with Pastor, as he could be built using the KD:M armour pieces.  Collux was a lot harder as I’ve already used most of the unarmoured survivor pieces.  Also, I wanted him to be extremely distinct from other game miniatures – as close to no armour as possible.

I remember looking around, seeing the Intimacy Couple and thinking, I am never going to build those.  So, off with his limbs!

I chopped off the original arm nubs and head.  I also chopped off the ‘neck’ of the newly-chosen twin head.  I then drilled two holes: one into the neck and the other into the base of the head.  Using a piece of paper clip, I attached the two an appropriate distance apart and filled the gap using Milliput.  This step took two applications – one to get the bulk of the neck, the second to create a smooth surface.

The arms were easier: I chopped off the shoulder joins, scraped off the leather bracers, and pre-prepared which hands I was going to apply later.  Before I glued the arms on using plastic cement, I dry-fit and perfected the fit of the hands.

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Cult of Games Member

Aw, I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree Baron.
I think the Intimacy minis make excellent alternatives to the Starting Survivors, especially in a game that isn’t WYSIWYG.
They’re the Intimacy couple because they’re minis of the couple depicted in the art in the rule book. If you build the minis and stand them back to back, their robes and hair are blowing in the same direction, so they’re standing back-to-back against the darkness, together.
But I 100% agree that the female mini was difficult to build 😆

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