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From Intimacy Male to Crystal Skin

From Intimacy Male to Crystal Skin

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Tutoring 6
Skill 5
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The stripping went well, with the only damage being that the third crystalline texture – the dirt – peeled away with the paint and primer.

Starting Over
Starting Over

Easy enough to re-apply the dirt and wait for the PVA to dry.


Since I don’t have any amazing progress to show, I thought I’d lay out the plan for this second attempt.  My main problem with the first paintjob was its failure to convey apparent depth between the miniature’s muscles and its skin.  With that in mind, I’m going to make a few changes:

One: Paint the musculature using reddish purples rather than reds and pinks.
Aim: To increase the sense of looking through something blue at something that will (hopefully) be recognisably red.

Two: Build up a perceptible layer of gloss varnish over the skin portions of the miniature.
Aim: To increase the sense of depth using physical gloss as well as painting techniques.

Three: Glaze over the varnish using blues.
Aim: To further increase the sense of looking through a layer of something blue.


These changes will probably still produce something extremely weird (as anything with translucent skin will be) but hopefully less hectic on the eye.

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I’m looking forward to seeing your results.

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