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Vassal Module For Deneb!

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In order to make it easier to work with play-testers further afield, I’ve put together a Vassal module for Deneb.


Testing Screenshot!Testing Screenshot!

You can download the beta version here


It has the unit cards and counters for all 37 models in the core book, and handy quick-reference sheets for all the factions and scenarios.


Also some ease-of-play features (main one is a menu option to automatically create all the tokens you need for the unit tracker you have for each model).


It doesn’t do anything to enforce the games rules, so you’ll still need the rules (available to download from here).

I am sure it will have some bugs and glitches, but hopefully get those ironed out as part of using it for further play-testing!

I have to say the Vassal module editor is really quite easy to use, and there are some great youtube videos out there for helping with some of the trickier things.

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Great idea, expanding to Vassal, @davehawes .

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