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Cyberpunk Diorama - Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge. Completed

Cyberpunk Diorama - Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge. Completed

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I’ve got hooked on the idea of actually finishing old projects and immediately started look for my old Warzone and Void figures which occupied my boxes for over 20 years now being barely undercoated, or assembled, or unpacked, or not even that…. However an hour search brought no results, it looks like those got degraded to basement storage, and my basement is 2 500 km from place I live now.

Not all is lost thou, I managed to dig up some never-ending projects from ten years ago.

Among the candidates for the project we have: Jungle Queen (HF Minis), 2 samurai women (HF Minis), Ninja (HF Minis) SF samurai (Kabuki Minis), Viridian Assault Marine (I-Kore, sculpted by Kev White). As you can see I have a thing for Kev White and Japan… All those guys (except Viridian and Jungle Queen) were initially bought to fight in my Mishima army in Warzone, and after I’ve abandoned that game had no use for them.

I also never had proper display area to create any dioramas etc. so never thought about using them as display pieces (not to mention I never considered myself display painter).

The display area issue was solved recently to some extent, and not by some space inflation but ingenuity of a Japanese guy. While researching photos to my current cyberpunk city terrain project I’ve stumbled upon this genius works:

Photos come from his tweeter at:

Putting all those together I’ve come up with an idea to build such type of diorama, using parts of my cyberpunk city project and some of the minis presented above.

Another obstale I’ve hit almost immediately, after that revelation was, that I don’t really have any of my terrain building tools at hand. I only have my trusty 3d printer. So diorama parts will be almost exclusively 3d printed, we’ll see how it goes.

With that all in mind I’ve scheduled a plan:

  1. Create concept of diorama,
  2. Paint minis,
  3. Prepare 3d models,
  4. Print the models,
  5. Paint elements of diorama,
  6. Put everything together,
  7. Install lighting (optional).

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