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Dìa de Muertos de Señora Olynder

Dìa de Muertos de Señora Olynder

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My LoveMy Love

I decided to go to the ompetition on 1st of July. The competition in Thailand deadline will be 27th.

First, I think I should make the criteria of choosing. I decided to have:

  1. AOS not 40K
  2. Not Stromcast
  3. Single Model
  4. Possible to Freehand
  5. Possible to NMM
  6. Possible to tell more story

I went to find the miniature in my stock. I first think of Neferata, but I cant find her. She might not be my soulmate.

Anyway, I met her my new love….Lady Olynder. I give her my soul spontaneously.

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