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Dìa de Muertos de Señora Olynder

Dìa de Muertos de Señora Olynder

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Fail Fail Fail 3D Printing

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I send the file to my friend to print FDM. It turned out bad and look like it collapse.


First time I used my own DLP printer. It turned good, but not enough resin in tray. I found it was not enough resin after sleep for 5 Hours.  My resin is  out of stock.

Beside, The size is over 60 mm with not allow for Everchosen Category.  The process is very complicated and full of toxic from Resin. I have to wear the glove and mask. The resin make your skin rash and it smell very bad. Moreover, it is very messy with Resin.

I am considering to use the 3D print shop.

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