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The Eighty Years War

The Eighty Years War

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Walloon mercenaries

Tutoring 3
Skill 6
Idea 3
Walloon mercenaries
Walloon mercenaries
Walloon mercenaries

It’s been a month since my last update: I must have been working on a cavalry unit.

Walloon mercenaries are often mentioned in the literature as part of the Spanish army in the Eighty Years War. They are always described and depicted in paintings as dressed in red. Some of the Walloon mercenaries were light cavalry. I gave them black helmets to look a little different from the Spanish troops.

The cavalry miniatures have a large 40mm round base, which gives more space to decorate the bases. I added tree stumps from Kromlech, some lichen and off course the flowers I’ve already used on my other Spanish miniatures.

The miniatures are mounted arquebusiers from Warlord Games. One of their releases from last year. The flag is once again from Flags of War.

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CoG Member

Looking good! Nice use of the big canvas on cavalry bases. 👍

Is there a reason why the base edges are green? The dark base edges, which your infantry have, in my opinion looks much better, especially as you have predominantly brown basing with nice contrasting tufts and other details. Now the green edges draws the viewer’s eye away from the basing detail and the model itself.

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