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SW:L Rebels

SW:L Rebels

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Rebel Commandos WIP

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4
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Next up, the Rebel Commandos.

Here’s the colours run down:

Cloaks: Contrast Militarum Green

Shirts: Contrast Camo Green

Trousers and gloves: VMC English Uniform

Backpacks: VMC Khaki Grey

Belts: VMC Mahogany Brown

Bandoliers and shoulder bags: Army Painter Leather Brown

Pouches: VMC German Camo Orange Ochre

Helmets: VMC German Camo Black Brown and Contrast Camo Green



Rebel Commandos, colours blocked inRebel Commandos, colours blocked in
Paints usedPaints used

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