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Mantic Games Goblin Army

Mantic Games Goblin Army

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And so we go to war

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So to start off with I’ve got a heap of KoW minis and three mostly mantic armies, but it’s been a long term goal for me to get a mantic goblin army done. The reason? I love goblins and I know the current mantic ones get a bad wrap (I say current because mantic have teased some nice new hard plastic sculpts for release later this year). I still want to get ahead with my current army because A: I’ve got them already and B: I kinda love them despite all their flaws.

But enough about why onto the when and how, the aim is to get 2000 points at least fully painted by the end of April 2020, end of April is an arbitrary date I set because I reckon using the army painter method I can get 2000 points done in 4 months. The planned timeline is as follows, get them all assembled and primed by end of Jan and then start knocking out units by the end of Jan/start of February. The hope is one regiment/horde a week.

I’m addition to doing the models themselves with the army painter method, I’ll be using for the first time the Luke’s APS scenic supplies to get the bases done to a good standard relatively easily, I should also mention this is the first time I’ve gone with scenic basing so hopefully it all comes together in the end.

Now the two models that form the display picture are the two test models I did at the start of last year when the whole army arrived on my doorstep. To paint them I used all AP warpaints. I started by priming them in army painter leather Brown, then I picked out the metal with gun metal and weapon bronze. I painted the cloth bits with skeleton bone. I then gave the whole models a brush on wash with strong tone (I dont use the dips as I can’t get them work how I want so I brush on). After that I layered over the metal with claymore bladeblade b starting on the skin.

The skin was first basecoated with elf green before being layered with commando green and then given a final highlight of witch brew. I then picked out the nails and teeth with skeleton bone.

The hoods were next with a basecoat of Matt Black that was then highlighted with necromancer cloak before a final highlight of uniform grey. The eyes were picked out with dragon red and then given a fine dot of Mars red over that.

And so we go to war

The models were painted attached to their little circular tabs for ease of handling but will be clipped off to be applied to the multibases, though care must be taken not to snap off bits of their feet.

Now the project is currently in the building phase. Since the first of January (today’s the 14th here in aus) I’ve assembled all 180 of my goblin infantry and 10 fleabag riders and primed 110 of the infantry. I’ve completed at the end of last year a few of the multibases which you can see below. Though I’ll take better pictures tomorrow.

And so we go to war

You can also see in the above image a heap of the assembled and primed goblins.

Now the next step is to continue assembly on this mad quest, the plan is a regiment every day I’m free (I have work, girlfriend and social commitments also) but I think I can get the remaining nine units assembled and primed in 9 days or just after the 28th of January.

Stay tuned as tomorrow I tackle the second regiment of fleabag riders and prime these 70 goblin infantry which are asking for some love.


And so we go to war

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Cult of Games Member

Lots to do but the Mantic Goblins look great when all ranked up, I know I enjoy playing against them! Good luck, will be following with interest!

Cult of Games Member

That is a whole lot of goblins mate, I think I’d be going bonkers attempting this. However I love Mantic KoW armies and your work so far looks grand, so I’ll be following this keenly. Good luck and best wishes.

Cult of Games Member

They loòk good. They remind me a little of the old Grenadier sculpts

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