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Evilstu's Historical Tinkering

Evilstu's Historical Tinkering

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Practice Run Completed and Militia Progress

Tutoring 10
Skill 13
Idea 11

Based and varnished my piper, results look good from a distance so happy enough to kick the project off in earnest (with a caveat that I’ll probably start with the Ecossais who don’t actually sport any tartan…).
Also started work on my first block of AWI militia. I’ve seen a few people using contrast paints for historicals and though that a militia squad might be a good place to give this approach a go. Base colours were a wide variety of contrast paints.
Rifle stocks and straps were VMC 929. Light Brown. Stocks were then covered with VGA 71.036 Mahogany. VMC 70.871 Leather Brown went on all straps and most pouches. VMC 70.921 English Uniform was used for the powder horns and canteens. VGA 71.040 Burnt Umber on the hair, VMC 70.801 Brass on the horn, AP Gun Metal on rifle barrels and a smattering of the buttons, VMC 70.918 Ivory on the stockings, shirts and toggles/cords on the hunting jackets (not a tailor, don’t know the proper terminology…). Once dry will give everyone an ink wash and then a zenithal drybrush with ivory.

Completed piperCompleted piper
AWI militiaAWI militia

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That tartan looks good close up as well. Nice

Cult of Games Member

Very impressive I’m really looking forward to seeing this whole thing when it’s finished.

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