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Hobby exploits 2020 and onward

Hobby exploits 2020 and onward

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Easy, fast and colourful (bases) PART 2

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Continued from newer post above due to restriction on number of pictures.

6. Cut I used hobby knife to cut out rough shapes and then needle file to achieve final shape.


7. Rub top layer off. Now you need to peel off unwanted layer of paper. To do that you need to wet it (I used brush and tap water) and then simply rub of top layer. It won’t be ideal after one peel and don’t try to make it perfect right away because you’ll destroy the print. Instead, dry the base and after it is completely dry moist your thumb and rub again (moist, not wet). Repeat the operation until you’re happy with the result, but remember that the transfer is fragile, use caution and be delicate (this requires a bit of practice).


8. Finish. To finish my bases I used transparent glossy ModPodge, it fitted my theme, but on other occasions I also used mat varnish and it worked as good as ModPodge.


Other uses. Above example is very simple base, but the method can also be used in other applications. You could easily use it to create 2,5D bases (or walls, or floors) applying such transfers to previously cut pieces of HIPS or whatever else.

I also used it on some terrains and diorama. Examples bellow. It has its limitations, and doesn’t compare to waterslide decals if you’d want to use it on actual miniature, but on the other hand it is much cheaper than decals and has white background which is very hard to  achieve on home printed decals.

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