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I like big bones and I cannot lie....Kaladrax

I like big bones and I cannot lie....Kaladrax

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2020-04-29 Cleaning the model, showing the scale.

Tutoring 10
Skill 8
Idea 10
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Every project begins with cleaning and washing the model.  Kaladrax was big and PVC….and from the original Bones kickstarter.  There were a lot of mold lines….which even after a week of daily filing, washing, and checking…I didn’t catch everything on.  Nonetheless, at some point you have to stop and decide it’s time to begin the painting process.

To give an idea of the scale here, Warwitch Denegrah from Warmachine shows up on a 30mm base in two of the photos.  In another, the Wraith Engine, a colossal sized battle engine from Warmachine, is shown.  Kaladrax is BIG.

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This one reminds me of a very large all-metal bone Dragon that I used to have years ago.

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