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Chaos Dwarfs Army Project

Chaos Dwarfs Army Project

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How to paint Grim Dark White Armour

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The idea behind this is to be quick and easy so there some steps you could add if you were painting a character or alternative methods to get the same effect but I’ve gone for the easiest and quickest way here

How to paint Grim Dark White Armour


Over primer I’ve airbrushed Zandri Dust, this will be the base colour so I’m mainly making sure to hit from below and get the underneath with this, you can also use this through a spray can if you’d like to avoid the airbrush

How to paint Grim Dark White Armour


I’ve then used Pallid Wytch Flesh, this is concentrated from above to leave some of the previous Zandri Dust underneath. Again you could use an alternate white through a spray can for the same effect

How to paint Grim Dark White Armour


Using a sponge I add Rhinox Hide, keeping mainly to the edges and areas that would get hit the most, it’s before this you could also add some decals or finer details so they too would get chipped by the sponge effect here

How to paint Grim Dark White Armour


I’ve used an Armour wash (a mix of about 50% Agrax Earthshade, 30% Nuln Oil 10% Leviathan Purple and 10% Coelia Greenshade) in all the details of the armour like rivets and joints, not being too neat as this will help dull down the brightness of the white base

How to paint Grim Dark White Armour


Mournfang Brown is then watered down heavily and washed/stippled over the areas that have been chipped and also some other random areas to again bring down the brightness of the initial white (I added further details where water may gather and run down after I took the picture at the top of the screen)

How to paint Grim Dark White Armour

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Really appreciate your guide to grimdark painting! I looked at multiple videos on youtube to paint grimdark, but it always applied to sci-fi/WH40K. Also, they tend to use paints I don’t own (oil paints, different brands, only with an airbrush, and so on). You are using paints I already have, so I am very tempted to try grimdark painting now!

In case you are looking for more Chaos dwarf models (and as a fellow hoarder, we always need more models!), Lost Kingdom Miniatures offer an interesting range of Chaos/infernal dwarves:

I have about 20 of their models, and they are good quality resin models. I just can’t find the time to paint them…

Cult of Games Member

Love the painting on this mini.

Nicely done. 🙂

Cult of Games Member

Congratulations great work on your figures @teddymademedoit

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