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Dan's Dweghom

Dan's Dweghom

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Tutoring 6
Skill 8
Idea 8
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This is the Steam Dragon from Fireforge. It is part of their Metal Beard range. I printed it off at 50% actual size and it still came out suitably big.


The undercoat was greyseer with a wraithbone zenith. The entire model was then painted basilicanum grey followed by a necron compound drybrush.


The wing membranes were then re-painted with greyseer and then painted with skeleton horde. The stitching was picked out by wyldwood.


The gold areas were picked out with iyanden yellow.


The eyes and mouth were painted with successive layers of iyanden yellowgryph-hound orange and blood angels red to make them look like they are glowing with heat.


The chimney cavities were painted black templar.

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