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Infinity 2020 Project

Infinity 2020 Project

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Beginnings (January's 2020)

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 7
  1. Before Covid a group of us at Work decided to start playing infinity. I had played a bit before and had some starter packs so said I would paint a few bits so we could all play with colourful minis. We thought this would be a great slow group project and the others would jump in with models as we went… Nothing could go wrong.

First up Haqqislam. I got this starter set for Christmas so was keen to get them painted up to play. One of the guys at work asked to use them so I cracked on.

I started with the Gulahm’s as these are a core troop. The models were sprayed with GW Zhandri Dust and the heavily washed with Agrax Earthshade to pick out the recesses. I think dry brushed with Zhandri Dust and Pallid Witch flesh to give some depth. I wanted to give the idea of these models being very earthy and tie them to their planet. This idea is something I wanted to replicate on all the Infinity models to tie their based to their homeworld.

I was happy with the models (feeling a real Dune vibe) and loved the basing if I did say so myself I pushed on with the rest of the starter set. I followed the same painting plan as the above model spraying Zhandri Dust and lots of washes. The next models were another Gulahm,  Zhayedan (dude with brown coat and snazzy pose), Khawarij (badass in the Red Turban) and the Taureg (Sniper lady).

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Very cool project! But the most important question is what profession grants you with Infinity buddies? I’m just looking for a job and might take that into consideration 😉

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