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Did I say Dragon Horde?  I meant Enter the Dragon!

Did I say Dragon Horde? I meant Enter the Dragon!

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In the beginning there was...well, not much

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As a fan of Mordheim I was excited to be introduced to Frostgrave via all the recent hype.  Currently I’ve got my rule book on order but won’t have it in hand for a bit (down side to pre-ordering the Red King with it).  In the meantime I’ve been thinking about what my first (let’s face it there will be more than one) warband will be themed around.

As part of a RPG game world I’ve been running I have the (as yet unimplemented) idea of a kobold adventuring company in the “employ” of a blue dragon who sends them out to claim items of power for some unknown end game (or perhaps just to make the pile of treasure he lounges on more comfortable).  The thought is the players will run into them from time to time (even across campaigns potentially) as competition, allies or foes depending on the situation.

Anyway with that said I’ve decided that running them as a Frostgrave warband will be a good way to build some character into the NPCs and perhaps inspire some history behind the band and/or even some plots or future roleplay scenarios.

So with that decided it’s time to start coming up with ideas for minis to use for the various classes.  I could just go with Kobolds for all of them but I think it will be interesting to mix in other critters as a supporting cast.  So far I’m thinking about using alternates for the following :

Warhounds : Some type of lizard or perhaps a beetle swarm

Thugs : Mites? Larger Humanoid slaves/hirelings?

Tracker : Humm…

Knight : Giant Beetle (considering

Templar : Winged Kobold

Barbarian : Orcs, Umber Hulk, lizard man?

Apothecary : Slave/hireling burdened down with potions

As you can see there’s a lot more thought to be put into it but that’s where it all stands now.

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