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Spring Cleaning Challenge 2021 30 Years in the Making and now I am the Eldar

Spring Cleaning Challenge 2021 30 Years in the Making and now I am the Eldar

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Rogue Trader Space Elf become the Eldar

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The eldar model range existed before Rogue Trader rules came out. It is not a surprize that Warhammer Fantasy Races made their way into the Sci Fi setting. So the first outing as to what was become the Eldar was packaged as Space Elfs.

I have include a picture below from an early model catalogue. What is interesting to note is how little the style and look of the models have not really changed. The classic long pointly helmets the eldar wear and the close fitting interlocking armour armour can still be seen today. These original models are of course in metal. Aside the fact we have a vast range of weapons on these which would later be refined to smaller subset they are clearly eldar.

The other aspect I love about this set is GW gave them all unique names. This would link into the fact Rogue Trader was less of a mass combat game more of a small unit RPG battle system. The eldar where not alone in having names even the imperial guard metal figures had unqiue names but maybe we will cover that another day.

The eldar had quite a range of figures from the start of Rogue Trader including a command squad and a weapons platform. Images will be include below.

The command squad was a set of 4 models with Commander, Std Bear, Champion and Musician, yes an Eldar musician believe it or not. The question is what music would the Eldar play ? Personally I always assumed they would be Vangelis or Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield style with lots of sync wave and ligh shows. It is a pity 40K aside the noise marines does not have more musical units.

The weapon platforms look pretty standard las cannon, plasma the amazing D-cannon which will cover later does not feature. What is great about the kit is the unqiue supporting models again a touch most 40k units have lost.

I am luckly enough to own a few of this models and next time we will go through and look at them in more detail along with how they are presented in Rogue Trader book.

Early Space Elves Early Space Elves
Space Elves Comamnd SquadSpace Elves Comamnd Squad
Space Elfs Support WeaponsSpace Elfs Support Weapons

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