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How many paints do you need in your collection?  SIX !

How many paints do you need in your collection? SIX !

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Challenge 4: Painting Poseidon using Limited Zorn Palette plus Green & Blue: Part One

Tutoring 11
Skill 11
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My final challenge was to paint a third Greek God – this time Poseidon – and go a little bit crazy and have some fun.

I love this figure and I have been waiting years to get inspired to paint it.

The two things I hoped to achieve were to have him look as though he was striving into combat and secondly to have the source lighting from below or in front as if the ocean was lighting his path.

The extra palette colour added was Daler Rowney 123 Ultramarine Blue.

I also added an Antique Gold to the palette because I wanted the metal on him to be distinctive but aged.

He was great fun to paint and each stage just inspired me more.

I started off using toilet paper (from my huge store – no only joking) and PVA to make some waves texture on the base.

I put on some block colours and then did the metal work in black before painting on the antique gold.

Then I got silly…

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