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Raise high ze black flags my children! - The Prussian Army of 1813-1815

Raise high ze black flags my children! - The Prussian Army of 1813-1815

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Prussian Landwehr Cavalry

Tutoring 14
Skill 15
Idea 14
Prussian Landwehr Cavalry

Completed at last Prussian Landwehr Cavalry by Warlord Games. A paint in the ** to assemble but an joy to paint.

As I’ve enjoyed doing my research these would represent one of the regiments of the Province of Kurmark/Neumark and be the second squadron (i think).

If you want to button count then the red is closer to madder red than poppy red so would actually be closers to a regiment from Rhineland province, however the Lance Pennons are the white and black of Kurmark/Neumark. The button would be yellow in either case.

Also the prussian blue uniform is probably too bright but who cares, these are toy soldiers afterall. Still yet to decide on basing.

Im still undecided on warlord “resin”, its annoying to work with as its plasticly without being plastic. Sculpting wise these are actually pretty reasonable I think, the detail is quite good and they work great with contrast paints. The Assembly was a pain as the getting the riders onto the horses was nearly impossiable as they dont fit in the saddles, add to that you need to align the lance and the bases wont be flat until you glue them to something it becomes a pretty momumental challenge. One benefit of the resin is the lances are nearly impossible to break (I know this from dropping them from my desk and landing tip first) as are the horses ankles.

Overally I’m actually Quite happy with these,

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Cult of Games Member

This is turning out to be one of my favorite projects. A great source of info. Thanks for your input and the fantastic work.

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