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Back to the Grim Dark.....

Back to the Grim Dark.....

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Back to it!

Tutoring 2
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Well let’s be honnest…. Warhammer 40k is probably the game I played the most (but not the one I went the further away to play 😛 ) so as some of my local finaly dive back into it I wanted to show them that I was also interested into going back to the grim dark, therefor I decided that I shall finish at last having 2000 points of orks, all of it PAINTED. So it will start with:

  • 30 60  61 Gretchins
  • 1 Killa Kan’t

And it might have sparked back another old dream of mine…. more to come later 😉


Also… I always fancied myself of a Cadian… but damn I don’t even have 500 pts at the ready! This has to change… so I have 3 squads and one command squad at the ready, if I throw in two more squads and one squad of Kasrkin that should do it, might do some other stuff so I can get some alternatives and a slow 1000 points build.

  • 20 Infantry
  • 10 Kasrkin


Space Wolves are lacking basic troups… So got 3 Blood claws to finish my first squad of Blood Claws for starters. Then a second squad of Grey Hunter is required and another full squad of Blood Claws. I think having two of each basic troops would make for a solid base.

  • 10 Grey Hunters
  • 18 Blood Claws


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