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Resolution 2021: Clearing the pile of shame, again

Resolution 2021: Clearing the pile of shame, again

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As a change of pace I wanted to paint another 75mm mini in black and white. I did the same thing last year (you can find Nyx here: . This model is Radella from the Beautiful Night gothic pinup range (


I had trouble getting my 3D printer working again (turns out my resin was too old) and this is the only model I managed to come out ok in about two weeks of trying. There are some obvious lines on the back of her dress but at the time I was just happy to get a model out.


The model was undercoated mechanicus standard grey then zenithed with corax white.


The skin, clothes, and hair were all painted using layers of 50:50 celestra grey:lahmian medium50:50 ulthuan grey:lahmian medium, and 50:50 white scar:lahmian medium.


The tree got a wash of 50:50 nuln oil:lahmian medium.


The leather torque and purse were picked out with a 50:50 abaddon black:lahmian medium.


To achieve the OSL effect I used about 8 to 10 successive layers of glaze with 1:3 waywatcher green:lahmian medium. Each layer focussed on a successively smaller area.

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