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Repentia Done

Tutoring 11
Skill 11
Idea 11
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So, the Repentia are finished, except for the Superior.

I am very satisfied with how they came out.  Holy cow, how good do the autum leaves look!

Okay, I should try to explain how I did this…

Once the skin was done, I went in and hit the metal bits with Leadbelcher and then highlighted it with Mithril silver, then did a Nuln Oil wash over that.  Added brass bits where necessary, highlighted those with Mithril silver and washed with Nuln Oil.  The tabards I did with a base of Red Gore, highlighted with some white mixed in, a heavy wash with Flesh Tearers Red and a little Nuln Oil in the recesses.  The wraps were complicated – based in Wraithbone, and then washed in contrast white, then highlighted in white, then washed in parchment, and highlighted again in white.  Lastly I did a drybrush with Fortress Grey over everything.

The leaves came from Shadow’s Edge Miniatures.  Took a long time, but they eventually arrived.

Oh, and the check pattern on the blades:  a yellow base, made 2mm marks along the blades, drew lines down the sides and back.  Marked lines down the sides, then filled in the boxes with black.  Not that difficult, if you have a steady hand…

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