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5 Charity Space Marines

5 Charity Space Marines

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The Bases

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6
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I wanted a different style of base for each marine. I went for the following.

1, a beach base. I green stuffed some ripples which I then covered with sand. I cut a portion of the base out and reattached it lower down. I poured a water effect over this. I had some foliage I soaked and glued down to appear like wet seaweed.

2, a swamp base. I build up some sand around a piece of slate. I then painted the middle section to appear like a swamp and poured water effect over it. The look was completed by layering a soil like flock and a mix of greens.

3, a Mars style base. Nothing clever, some sand and different rock textures all layered over with pigments.

4, a snow base. Easy. Just a variety of rocks and filled round with Woodland Scenics snow.

5, a tech base. I base rollered some green stuff for this and add a zip tie and some bits.

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