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A City: Frozen, Cursed, and Ruined?

A City: Frozen, Cursed, and Ruined?

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Grates suck

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 7

So as I previously had stated, I didn’t like how my first attempt at the “rusty” grates looked. Not sure if anyone else has this realization but I’ve found if I have to tell myself multiples times it looks cool and keep looking at it I’m not satisfied. So I went back and redid the metal on the smaller building before working on one of the larger ones from the Warcry starter set. Top. Bottom. Left. Right. All the while trying my best to avoid splashing paint on my stone walls I was happy with. I’ve got three more buildings currently sprayed and ready to paint then will likely transition to the bell tower and broken sigmar statue head.

I have included a picture sharing the paints I’m using on these buildings and as I had stated previously am sticking to cheap craft paint. The krylon primer forms a great bond and I’m sure after I seal the finished set I’ll have no issues with chipping. Realistically, I’m sure I could have colored matched the other p3 and citadel paints and likely mixed up a typhus corrosion substitute. I simply neglected to match the browns and figured I’ve been sitting on this unused pot of typhus corrosion so why not?

As some additional clarity the following colors were specific subs for their expensive GW equivalents:

Krylon black primer -Chaos black primer

Rustoleum Army Green – Death Guard Spray

Winter Blue-Celestra Grey

White-Corax White

Georgia Clay -Mournfang Brown

Spiced Pumpkin – Fire Dragon Orange/Ryza Rust…ish

I doubt all are perfect matches but the swatches aligned pretty closely and for .99-$1.49 at Hobby Lobby and Micheals I’m pretty happy with the results.



More bang for your buck on terrainMore bang for your buck on terrain
Starting to look like we are getting somewhereStarting to look like we are getting somewhere
Some of those angles were trickySome of those angles were tricky
Grates suck

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Building and painting terrain is an area I have always stayed away from. Your stuff so far looks brilliant. I am intrigued to see how this is going to look laid out.
Excellent stuff Sir!

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