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Rasmus v. Oriskany - Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare

Rasmus v. Oriskany - Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare

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Video Replay - Colombian Jungle Raid (Policia Nacional de Colombia / DEA vs. Medellin Cartel) - 1989

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Good afternoon:  Here is the game playback video from yesterday’s live stream, where Oriskany Jim and Sitrep 6 faced off in a jungle raid during the height of the “Escobar Era” of the Colombian Drug War.

In summary, the Polica Nacional de Colombia’s “Seach Bloc” has found a network of Medellin drug labs and processing centers in the jungles of the Zaragosa Highlands, northeast of Medellin.  Mounting up in an American DEA-supplied UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, Colonel Carillo gets a squad of his Colombian assault troops and a criminal informant (Jorge Noreña) and heads off to wipe out the target.  Two US DEA agents are along on the op.  The primary tango is Talabera, a prominent Medellin lieutenant running this local lab network.

Can Bill conduct the raid and capture /destroy all the drug labs in time, while keeping his own losses down and capturing / killing Talabera?  WIll other cartels get involved?  AUC right-wing paramilitaries?  FARC Marxist rebels?  It’s a free-for-all in the Colombian Jungle, listen in to see how it plays out.

Might be a fun listen whil hobbying or painting.

Hope you like it!

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