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Stargrave - Minster Salvage and Absolution Inc.

Stargrave - Minster Salvage and Absolution Inc.

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The crossover - The Daktari

Tutoring 2
Skill 6
Idea 6
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Made from NorthStar Gnoll kits...Made from NorthStar Gnoll kits...
Stargrave kits...Stargrave kits...
Frostgrave Cultist kits...Frostgrave Cultist kits...
And knives and bits from the bits box.And knives and bits from the bits box.

The Daktari mercenaries are being employed by the Captain and his First Mate not knowing the bad blood between the Solubrians and the Daktari warriors. The Talon’s of Solubris are almost the last of their creed and the Daktari and pirates were the enemy guilty of the genocide that befell them.

As far as Captain Qui-Gon Jim and First Mate Kobi Juan Aloo-Gobi are concerned the blood thirsty but capable Daktari are a necessary evil in their own quest. A local resource whose past is of little consequence or interest to them.

The Daktari have faired better out of the Last War, but only by becoming vassals of the Pirates. Their own home planet of Daktar is being harvested of its resources to fuel the Pirate fleets, but the Daktari were ultimately successful in beating the Solubrians and still have a place to call home. The universe is in an apocalyptic state, so like everyone else the Daktari have next to no commerce that isn’t Pirate controlled and many of the young Daktari fighters have left home to ply their trade as mercenaries throughout the local galaxies. This is where a section of 5 Daktari  (runners, recruits and a guy with a carbine) have joined the crew of The Mission with Captain Qui-Gon Jim and First Mate Kobi Juan Aloo-Gobi.

They wear a mixture of garish coloured garments and black and brown fighting overalls and basic armour.

The NorthStar Gnoll heads are meant to be placed on a sculpted neck, so I glued a piece of whittled sprue on to the neck section of the cultist body and then glued the head into that. Because the Cultists are designed for a fantasy setting the leading foot of one of the runners was attached to it’s tab base my a grass tuft. To keep the same basing style I replaced the tuft with a bit of sprue. I figured it would look like a piece of broken ship. To give the illusion of the damage happening recently I threw down some ash type flock and some bits of Warlord Games pin markers sprue that is a lovely translucent red.

The purple arms paint is Emperor’s Children Pink with a wash of Druki Violet. The cuffs are Trollslayer Orange. The trousers are Warpstone Glow green with Deathguard Green stripes with an Athonian Camoshade wash. The whole mini was primed in Sceptre Black from the new TT Combat primer spray range and a zenith from above with Army Painter Leather Brown. I really like the pattern of the waistcoat on this minis. The whole overalls got a drybrush of Steel Legion Drab and an Agrax Earthshade wash.  The waistcoat got a coat of Darkoath Flesh Contrast Paint. The socks are Flesh tearer Red Contrast Paint with Mephiston highlights.

The face was the reason for the brown zenith to be honest. Knowing that I would need to bring the face up to a Zandri Dust and Morghast Bone colour for the patterning on the face I didn’t want to start that progression from black. The Zandri Dust was applied on the teeth, hair ruff, nose, ear tips and eyebrows and dotted on for the markings pattern. The whole face and neck got a Casandora Yellow wash, then the high areas got a highlight of Morghast Bone, as did the teeth. The tongue is a Bugman’s Glow flesh colour.


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