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Retreat From Moscow

Retreat From Moscow

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Tutoring 13
Skill 15
Idea 15

I was a little undecided what colour scheme to go for, but decided that since I enjoyed the fast painting and end effect on my other wolves, I would replicate the scheme on my werewolf and see how it looked. Quite happy with the end result.

The model is by Otherworld Miniatures.

A quick painting guide for the wolves (more for my own reference)

  • White base coat
  • Grey wash all over
  • Sepia wash targeting mid-tone and darkest fur
  • Black wash on darkest fur only
  • Drybrush white all over, lighter in the darker areas
  • Re-wash with sepia if necessary (i.e. too heavy drybrush)
  • Re-wash with umber on darkest fur if necessary

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Cult of Games Member

Great job! I went with the Alpha werewolf from Reaper (the metal version). The figures have arrived so I will start the project soon.

Have you checked out Heresy Miniatures? I saw a review that said there is a section in the rule book where you can create your own monsters, and Heresy have some interesting gothic horror stuff – I particularly liked the maggot men. In fact I bought them.

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