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The first Phalanx

Tutoring 12
Skill 12
Idea 12
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DBx Bases: 19/177 + 0/18
15mm Spears: 67/451
DBA Corps: 0/16
Saga Points: 3

So, next on the list are the regular line hoplites, the main force of my army.

Unlike the elites, these guys only get Linothorax armour – not that I mind, as painting flat white parts are somewhat easier that sculpted metalics. The regulars also kept to the mix of tunic colours that I’d worked out previously.

Now, according to the rolls, I need a minimum of 5 elements of Spearmen for my first Corps. Although I’m planning on actually using 7, since I’ll have 2 elite elements…oh, heck, lets just do all 10! Plus a point of 28mm Hoplites to match!

The first Phalanx

At least with this lot, most of the models had upright spears. There was one guy who pointed at an angle, but it was flat enough to his body that I figured it wasn’t going to be so much of an issue as the goon. And whilst the thought of painting 40 minis at once initially sounded daunting, I eventually was able to get into a rhythm that seemed to work, even if I was being propelled along by SCP readings…

The first Phalanx

The white for the armour was probably the most interest part of the process. Since you can’t highlight white (its the naturally lightest colour available), you have to create an off-white or very light grey to use as the base, which you can then highlight with straight white. The mix I use three parts white (Vallejo 951) to one part sky grey (Vallejo 989). On the palette, the light grey mix looks almost like white on its own, and you can only really tell the difference once the white paint is placed near it, or highlighting it on the models themselves.

The light grey mix is on the leftThe light grey mix is on the left

By the way, I wholeheartedly endorse this mode of painting 15mm or even smaller minis, which I picked up in my early days of painting Flames of War. Use blu-tac to stick the minis onto the heads of iron nails, and use those nails as the grip you need when painting the individual models so you don’t have to touch them. When not being painted, you can stick them into a block of polystyrene you can pick up cheaply at craft stores. I’ve even started using the nails for other models, such as heads I need to paint separately, ship turrets, etc. But I guess if all you have is a nail, everything looks like…(ok, that one didn’t work).

So, after another week and a half,

Again, the 15mm Hoplites don’t have shield devices…yet. But they actually don’t look too bad in the long run. I can only guess how they’ll look once I get those transfers…

So, with that done, I’m almost complete on my first DBA Corps. Only a couple of elements of Psiloi needed, as well as the camp.

But that’s for next time.

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