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Some Front Rank Miniatures

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Hi everyone,

I just received some Front Rank miniatures this morning in the post-box.  I quickly took some pictures because I think they are fantastic and I wanted to share them with you all.

Some Front Rank Miniatures

I wanted to buy these several weeks ago, but Front Rank had sold out to Gripping Beast Miniatures, but now they are open for business again. I have never bought any miniatures from this company before, so I opted for a sample to compare them with my Northstar Miniatures.

I was over-the-moon to see that they fit perfectly into the range.  They have sharp detail and good proportions.

The first two are artillery gunners. I bought the Horse Artillery gunners on the advice of of fellow Otter ‘Scribbs’. I needed a n unmounted Hussar and the artillery officer is perfect for the role.

Horse Artillery GunnersHorse Artillery Gunners
Imperial Guard GunnersImperial Guard Gunners

Next up are some infantry men for my French Silver Bayonet team.  The core box doesn’t have infantry men so I bought two Light Chasseur troopers and one Vistula trooper.

Light Infantry ChasseursLight Infantry Chasseurs
The Vistula FusilierThe Vistula Fusilier
Some Front Rank Miniatures

The last picture is a comparison with one of my French Silver Bayonet team for comparison’s sake.

 A comparison. A comparison.

The most useful find though were the pistols.  These are excellent for small conversions and they are quite cheap as well.

That is all for now.  I hope this little article helps, and if you were on the fence whether to buy Front Rank or not, let me tell you they are worth their wait in gold.

Stay safe and have fun.


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Very nice selection, and great to see a comparison shot against the North Star models.
The horse artillery officer is excellent 🙂

One of the good things about Front Rank is that they are one of few places that sell Napoleonic soldiers as individuals as opposed to packs of around 6 models all of similar poses, which is really useful for getting a nice mix of unique soldiers for something like the Silver Bayonet.

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