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Some Silver Bayonet

Some Silver Bayonet

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Eeek! Zombies! Ahem, Revenants

Tutoring 10
Skill 13
Idea 12
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These are from Mantic, I’ve used them before and I love them. They’re simple but that suits me just fine. I have seen some excellent conversions on this very site and the official minis look superb. There’s a chance I’ll upgrade to the North Star revenants but for now here are some Mantic, er, revenants.

These represent my second and third goes with contrast paints. I’m getting a feel for them. I’m happier with one batch than the other, but they’ll do.

The first batchThe first batch
The second batchThe second batch
I love this pose, but one is enoughI love this pose, but one is enough
Team photoTeam photo

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