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Dark Souls - The Board Game

Dark Souls - The Board Game

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Dark Root Basin - Part I

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The Darkroot Basin Expansion brings completely new encounters to the board game, featuring enemies and bosses from the Darkroot Basin and Royal Garden locations of Dark Souls I. These areas are characterised by rocky cliff edges overgrown with foliage, and the enemies that inhabit them reflect this colour pallet.

First up we have the Demonic Foliage, which, having no discernible features, was very simple to paint! I used Vallejo Dark Brown for the areas that I wanted to appear woody, with Luftwaffe Green and Camo Green on the more verdant areas.

Demonic Foliage Demonic Foliage

The Hollow enemies in this set take the form of Scarecrows, armed with Ploughs and Shears respectively.

Plough Scarecrow Plough Scarecrow

I wanted the scarecrows to tie in with the Foliage and so used the Dark Brown again on their bodies as well as Luftwaffe and Camo Green on their leafy heads!

Shear ScarecrowShear Scarecrow

To achieve a ‘rotted corpse’ look, I used Camo Medium brown as a dry brush over the limbs and rib cages. This was the colour I had previously used on the flesh of the Hollows.

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