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Retreat From Moscow

Retreat From Moscow

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Noble Vampires

Tutoring 13
Skill 14
Idea 14
Noble Vampires

Some of the Silver Bayonet scenarios require more than a single vampire, so I needed some backup for my Nosferatu. Whilst I really love the pair of official Silver Bayonet vampires, I picked up a pair made for Frostgrave Blood Legacy instead. Their winter attire is more on theme with this project, and doesn’t stand out as being too ‘fantasy’ in style.

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Cult of Games Member

Lovely work @scribbs. The vivid colours could be used to lure the gullible into thinking these guys are honourable and trustworthy rather than parasites on humanity? ?

Cult of Games Member

Great work! I had a feeling you would get these vamps due to their wintery look. Can I ask what paints you used to paint the gown of the female vampire. Is it contrast?

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