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The Saga of Symbaroum

The Saga of Symbaroum

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Faction - Ambria - Queens Army Levy

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
Idea 7

The first army I will be working on will be the Queen’s Army, turning a collection of Barons War stuff into the mainstay of the Ambrian Army.  This is the first step of taking what was a small collection of Miniatures for an RPG into one of several Saga Warbands.  I am not aiming for a specific points limit, my plan is to expand in 1 point blocks (12 Levy, 8 Warriors, 4 HearthGuard) or perhaps 2, depending on how many troops I would need to paint.  Eventually I want to have the flexibility to build 4-6 point warbands and have options available, which means painting more than 6 blocks of troops.

Because I was closest to having full troop blocks for Levy, I decided to convert the soldiers I already had into Levy.  They’re a great match for levy, being lightly Armoured Sergeants.  Although I had 12 available, and it is possible to buy split a block of 12 Levy in 3 blocks of 4, I opted to buy an extra couple of sets of Crossbowmen from Footsore, giving me 12 – a full, one point unit.  That left me with 8 spearmen and rather than buy another 4, I bought a command pack from Crusader Miniatures which again bumped the number up to 12 – another full, one point unit.  Even though the Queen’s Army is supposed to be a very well disciplined fighting force, it stands to reason that they would still rely on Levy troops to swell their numbers as many historical Armies often did.  And having them appear as sergeants, rather than peasant rabble, fits with the militaristic nature of the Ambrians; the Levy aren’t mere peasants, they are still soldiers with a level of training and discipline but somewhat lack the equipment and armour of the professional soldiers.

At some point I will be making banners but I will wait until I know how many I need before printing them out.  I reckon I will likely need 3-4 as not every unit will have a flag. HearthGuard for example only have 4 Miniatures and I don’t really want to drop that by converting one into a banner bearer.  I might also get a mounted banner bearer and use it as a lieutenant/captain in the army, which takes the place of half a unit’s worth of soldiers (i.e. sacrifice 6 levy, 4 warriors or 2 HearthGuard)

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brilliant work on the project with fab figures congratulations @onlyonepinman

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