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Demonsub is Five Leagues From The Borderlands

Demonsub is Five Leagues From The Borderlands

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Mortay’s Rangers

Tutoring 5
Skill 9
Idea 7
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Mortay’s Rangers

The land to the east, known as The Untamed Coast is crying out for help. Evil Cultists summon and bind the dark undead to do their bidding, bands of Gnolls raid farms and attack travellers on the road, and the  Barbarians to the lands of the cold south are raiding more and more.

Resources are tight and the King has few soldiers to spare defending his own kingdom and so the call went out for heroes to assemble and venture forth and help turn the tide.

Kremmel MortayKremmel Mortay

Few would have expected Kremmel Mortay to answer the call, but Kremmel knew there was ancient arcane knowledge and treasure to be found in the Untamed Coast. He would lead a warband and tame the untamed.

Dar SwordarmDar Swordarm

Dar Swordarm was the first to join with Kremmel. Many said Dar was a true hero, always the first to help others, whether to kill the head of a snake cult or destroy a stepped pyramid full of magically maddened berserker men terrorising small towns, he was there saving the day, swinging his huge sword. A good old fashioned hero.

Petra Hopshot and Gregnil SureshotPetra Hopshot and Gregnil Sureshot

Petra Hopshot and Gregnil Sureshot were both next to join. The team of archers were well known throughout the kingdom. The odd looking couple of a feral and a duskling had been campaigning for years, whether working as scouts for patrolling armies or guarding a town near the borderlands from raiders.

It is unknown how or when the two first met, and why they both left their peoples.  It’s a secret neither of them are ready to tell. They trust each other implicitly as each has saved the life of the other many times.

Hands (“Like feet but at the other end of your body”)Hands (“Like feet but at the other end of your body”)

The four heroes set out on the long road east for The Untamed Lands. It wasn’t too long before they met a man known only as Hands (“Like feet but at the other end of your body”) at town one night, who after a drinking session, found himself signed up with the warband having agreed on a thirst for adventure. 


Not long later a young woman named Kiri begged to join up and be apprenticed to Kremmel. As an act of good faith she presented part of a map with a location of an ancient delve to the north of the Barren Hills in the Untamed Coast. When asked how she came upon this map, Kiri said that it had been in the family for years, supposedly brought back from her great uncle who journeyed there in his youth and barely escaped with his life. This delve had all the signs of hiding some of the very ancient lore that Kremmel was searching for so he agreed to take Kiri on but would bide his time before divulging any of his secrets to her.

Mortay’s Rangers as Hands nicknamed the warband were now six strong and the mysteries of the Untamed Coast was ahead. Adventure awaited.

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