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Tutoring 6
Skill 9
Idea 7
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Here’s a few poor shots of Anubis. He was a bit weird to paint given his very limited color pallete.

I’ve decided these Ankh minis will be a good chance to work on three skills I’ve been neglecting/haven’t really mastered to my satisfaction:

  • NMM: I’m still not sold on it being worth the hassle but…I don’t know whether or not that’s because I really can’t do it well. Given the amount of gold on these minis, I’ll either have to master it or Detol them when I’m done.
  • Gems:Up until now I’ve always taken the easy way out of painting a bright silver and then just using an ink. This is, again, a good chance to work on 5e we given the number of them on these models (Anubis only has a few compared to the others)
  • Dry brushing: aside from rock/cement I’ve never used this technique much. I don’t know how much I’ll use it here but I’m hoping to learn. Maybe I can find some of that Brain Matter Beige everyone is always talking about.

I’ll say I’m not wild about the gold here in Anubis. However, that is hardly surprising as it’s maybe the second time I’ve tried this. I’ll keep at it and hope to improve. And though the pics seem to have been taken by Gerry, I’m pleased with how the gems turned out. Some work to do there but I was happy to see that they really aren’t that tricky. Just a bit of time and they really pop. Definitely painting my gems this way from here on out

Any suggestions/tips/tricks are welcome.


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