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The Wild Hunt - 40k Harlequins

The Wild Hunt - 40k Harlequins

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‘Finished’ painting my first batch of character models. I might go back at some point and do some highlighting, but for now I want to maintain momentum and get to work on some more rank and file.

First up is this Troupe Master, who I’ve named The Howl of Kurnous:


Just noticed some rubbed off paint on his foot there. Annoying. He’s armed with a neurodisruptor and a harlequin’s caress, but modelling him with a hunting spear also lets him count as having a power weapon or standard blade.

Next up is a Shadowseer, who I’ve named Isha in Grieving:

Don’t let the lack of grenade backpack get to you. Maybe she keeps her hallucinogen grenades in her hair.

Finally a Death Jester, known simply as The Stag:

Starring roles

After all, when the hunt is on, Death and the stag go hand in hand.

Next up I need to finish building some more Troupers and then I have a lot of gap filling and smoothing to do with green stuff. I’ll paint some of those before rewarding myself with painting some more characters.

Thanks for looking <3

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Congratulations @chis your protect figures all look fantastic for gaming with.

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