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Collins does the defence of Minas Tirith

Collins does the defence of Minas Tirith

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Hohoho Merry Christmas

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Hohoho Merry Christmas
Hohoho Merry Christmas
Hohoho Merry Christmas
Hohoho Merry Christmas

Following on from the tests I did earlier I built and added wet wipe cloaks or bedrolls soaked in matt medium to the warriors with the aim of showing them as Osgiliath vets without buying the specific metal models.

I did start off trying to use PVA but I found it to be far too sticky and hard to mould to what shapes I wanted.

This was a cheats way of doing this to try and avoid using green stuff. it was quicker but it left a strange texture on the cloaks which might* be passable as really rough fabric, time will tell.

During the ‘sculpting’ stage I cut out isosceles trapezoids and the cut a semicircle out of the short (top) side where the neck of the cloak would be. I then glued the top of the cloak to the model with superglue and titivated the rest of it to a shape that was vaguely ‘flowing cape’ like. some worked well, others not so much.


*or might not

half circle cut out of side 'a'half circle cut out of side 'a'

The bedrolls over the shoulders were a lot easier.

I simply cut long thin strips, soaked in matt medium and then rolled into thin sausages and bent over the models shoulder supergluing the meeting point at the hip.

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