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Forging a Dynasty

Forging a Dynasty

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Returning to the Garden of Sound

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It’s been a little while, but 2023 is the year I want to focus on, and progress, my passion projects. This is one of them.

I recently saw a model that was from Warhammer Underworlds that looked decidedly Necrony…Mir Kainan from Kainan’s Reapers. He’s also draped in the flesh of some poor being that got in his way. That sounds a lot like Flayed Ones…

So I think we may have a candidate for another member of the band – Kimtayl the Slayer. I might modify that to Flayer given the Flayed One connection.

I’ve never been a massive fan of Flayed Ones (and I’m even less of a fan having suffered the pain of building these little buggers), but once the idea got in my head I had to do it.

So off I toddled to eBay to pick up the separate sprues for Mir Kainan and a unit of Flayed ones.

Returning to the Garden of Sound

Mir Kainan built really well, the only issue was that the bases for Underworlds models seems to be giant plinths and look really out of place next to 40K bases. So the sandpaper came out there. No issue.

The flayed ones however…horrible little shites to build. Never again. There were more expletives than Gerry watching Liverpool.

Glad to see the back of the build, and get some primer on. First black then silver.

The paint job is exactly as per the previous posts where I set out the method with the exception that these particularly creepy Necrons are dripping with flayed skin!

That was achieved simply with two oil paints – Italian Terra Rosa and Brilliant Yellow Pale – both from the Williamsburg brand.  The two colours mix together perfectly to create a skin tone, and the beauty of oils is that you don’t have to mix all the various shades on your palette  – you blend them together on the model and get a nice smooth finish.  No laborious glazing here!

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