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Wee Free Men

Wee Free Men

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What are you meant to be?

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Let’s be honest, this is not an army that is going to see the table all that often. It is an army I am doing mainly for my own enjoyment and keeping true to elements of the book is important to me.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t want it to be clear to any potential opponents what everything is. Everything is a proxy but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to tell roughly what things are from across the table.

Why goblins though? Well, several reasons.

  1. I knew from the start that Tiffany would be a Giant so it had to be a force that allowed giants.
  2. Feegles are clearly a horde army. There are constraints that I am putting on the army to feel like the feegles from the book. No ranged weapons or cav. A melee horde screams goblins to me.
  3. A quick glance through the goblin range gave me ideas for analogues from the stories.
    1. The wizard? That’s the Gonigal, blowing on his mouse pipes, demoralising the enemy with battle poetry.
    2. Winggit – Hamish on Morag the buzzard.
    3. Rabble and Luggits will both work for general feegles but rabble stat line just doesn’t feel good enough so this will be an army of luggits. I knew I wanted one unit to be special (more on them in the future) so the Grogger’s Lugg Lads horde worked quite nicely for them.
    4. There will be a toad and a cheese

There are other ideas that I’m still fleshing out but this was the starting point. There are also a couple of things that from a list perspective I’d like to include but I’m going to have to go through the novels and the army list to find a way.

This was my starting point and next I turned to the novels themselves. I reread Wee Free Men with a pen in one hand to make notes and underline important bits. For the other novels I had to switch to the audiobooks for unrelated reasons but still managed to get a lot of notes in a little book.

After sitting for a couple of hours with this pile of army notes and the Mantic Companion open, I think I have something I’m happy with. Is it a good list? Not a bloody clue but I also don’t really care. It allows me to include all the characters I want in a way that I think represents the books fairly.

The feegles are too good to be Rabble so everyone became a Luggit. The army builder lets you name units so it makes keeping track of my ideas a lot easier. I’ll address each unit in time in its own post but for those who know the books, this is how things stand as of June 2023.

What are you meant to be?

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