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Wee Free Men

Wee Free Men

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Paint Test

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Painting the wee free men is going to be the bulk of the project but also the most boring. What’s needed is a quick but effective paint scheme for hundreds of minis. Reference images vary bit in hue for the feegles but given we’re working with tiny men, bolder will be better I think. It is about contrast. Not Contrast. Small c contrast. Bloody GW ruining a perfectly useful term.

Paint Test

Time for some testing:

  1. White prime, Contrast neat
  2. White Prime, Contrast thinned
  3. White prime, ink
  4. Zenithal prime, Contrast neat
  5. Zenithal prime, Contrast thinned
  6. Zenithal prime, ink
  7. Black prime, white drybrush, Contrast neat
  8. Black prime, white drybrush, Contrast thinned
  9. Black prime, white drybrush, ink

The photos don’t really do them justice because I can’t be arsed taking photos. It is a paint test, you get the idea.

Even before things were dry the answer was obvious to me. Feegle 9 wins. The Contrast (and I suspect the same would be true for Speed Paints as well) was just too flat. Maybe it is the scale of the minis, maybe it is the choice of blue. I could try more options but I don’t give a hoot. I like 6 and 9 but the drybrushing of the white over the spray can gave a much more consistent result. So here is the result in full:

  • Prime with matt black
  • drybrush Pro Acryl Bold Titanium White to act and a zenithal (too hard to achieve on minis this size with a spray can)
  • Winsor and Newton blue ink over the top

I put an order in for the first load of feegles on Friday so hopefully they should be here in a week or so. Then the fun can truly begin.

And by fun I mean mindless boredom of batch painting hundreds of figures.

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