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Kings of War - Shadowed Horizons Campaign

Kings of War - Shadowed Horizons Campaign

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In recent months, Kings of War has been my main hobby focus thanks to my Nightstalkers and now the Feegle project. In a gaming sense, Woodstock and I also had a wee intro game to Armada using her lovely painted fleets. It’s been a Mantic year.

Having said that, I don’t really follow news closely so I forgot that September is the Shadowed Horizons global campaign until Gerry mentioned it in the UHH this week. The next morning I messaged Woodstock and now we’re planning to get as many games as we can into the schedule for the next month.

There are some issues that need addressing first though. 

  • There’s no way my Feegles will be done in time but I also need to add some units to my Nightstalkers now that the list has changed to include the 2023 version of the army. Getting them painted to match the army is going to make those inevitable battle report photos all the better
  • We want to play some games of Armada but my ships are still sitting in boxes, unloved lumps of resin. So wash them, build them, prime them and paint them.
  • The place we have played so far really sucks for fantasy terrain. Grim dark sci-fi? No problem. Anything else? Not so much. We loosely agreed after our last game that maybe playing at home might be a better option going forward so I need to drag out my scenery collection and see how it will fit and what needs made to get a decent table together

Now the terrain stuff will take more effort than the painting so breaking them into two parts makes sense. Thankfully I already had plans to be around for the 2k for 2k charity stream this weekend so a silly painting challenge was already in the schedule.

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