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French Napoleonic Transport

French Napoleonic Transport

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Farrier, Assistant and Hussars

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Time to start looking at the figures that came with the forge and starting with the farrier and his assistant.

While looking for details of the uniforms came across two differing descriptions the first is that the jackets were chestnut brown and the second that they were “steel grey” which is a blue grey colour. Looking at my own library decided to go with the references that showed the “steel grey” uniform.

Uniform of the trainUniform of the train
Uniforms of the train Uniforms of the train
Farrier and assistant Farrier and assistant
Farrier and assiatantFarrier and assiatant

Next it was down to the customers. As most of my army is based on the Peninsular War I needed to find a regiment of hussars who served in the theatre. I have already painted the 2nd Hussars whose uniform was Brown jackets and sky blue trousers so I didn’t want to replicate them.

I therefore decided to go with the 1st Hussars who wore a sky blue uniform.

1st Hussars 1st Hussars

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