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LordofUzkulak’s WiP Burrows & Badgers

LordofUzkulak’s WiP Burrows & Badgers

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About the Project

Encouraged by @brennon ’s enthusiasm for Burrows & Badgers during and after the Salute 2018 coverage I decided to dip in and ordered the rulebook along with a couple of minis to get me started; due to a mix of apathy and laziness the minis sat untouched for a couple of months on my desk, but I’ve finally gotten around to starting to work on them.

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First up we have a fox ‘knight’, converted from a fox rogue mini. The conversion was fairly simple; I simply sawed the right hand and foot off the integrated base and carefully bent the left leg to reposition it into a standing position and then bent the right leg into a ‘stepping’ position. I plan on running him with dual swords so removed the dagger and pinned a plastic sword into each hand (the right hand one involved cutting/filing a gap into the palm an carefully bending the fingers into a fist). I plan on sculpting the underside of the right foot and do some sculpting to repair damage that was caused to the fingers of the right hand. I’ll also be adding a cloak and sculpting more armour onto him.

Next we have a Squirrel ‘squire’, which is the standard squirrel knight without any modification.

I’ve also written some fluff for each of them and plan to do so for each warband member as I add them:

Aerod Glawiesin
Son of Prince Mordydd ap Morgan, ruler of Glwysyng, he has come to Northymbra to make a name for himself and prove himself worthy of being heir to the throne. Unofficially however he has been sent to help destabilising the region in the wake of the Northymbran king’s disappearance. Even more unofficially he has come seeking artefacts and lost knowledge of the Horned God with which he can use to gain personal power.

Aerllai Talwyn
Son of Prince Haearngorch, ruler of Gŵr, a client principality of Glwysyng, he was taken as a hostage by Prince Mordydd to ensure Prince Haearngorch’s fealty. Talwyn grew up in the Glwysyng court, training alongside Aerod Glawiesin and serving as his squire. He has continued to serve in that role, following Glawiesin to Northymbra

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