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Querion’s Idoneth Deepkin

Querion’s Idoneth Deepkin

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Project Blog by querion

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About the Project

Hello and welcome to my first foray into the Project-System. Hopefully this Project will help me to slowly grow my Idoneth Deepkin for Age of Sigmar. I really like the look of the Army aswell as their Background and playstyle. So far i just have one unit for them, and those were siting in my pile of shame for far to Long. I finally started working on them now and i plan to add to them from time to time. At the Moment i'm looking at buying and finishing one unit or at least hero every month. So this Project will be rather slow, but i'll try to include the steps i'm taking during the painting process. Please enjoy and if you have criticism or questions or just comments feel free to do so.

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Closer to finished ....

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I continued working on my Namarti Reavers and brought them all to the same level that my first test mini was at.

For the brown i went with Rhinox Hide, followed by a wash with Nuln Oil, cleaned it up with Rhinox Hide again and after that came a 50:50 mix of Rhinox Hide and Mournfang Brown, pure Mounfang Brown and a final highlight with Skrag Brown.


The Armor is still not where i would love it to be, but at the moment it’s the best i can do. Here i went with a 50:50 mix of Cobalt Alchemy and Emerald Alchemy from Scale 75, gave it a quick wash with Coelia Greenshade mixed with Lahmian Medium (it was propably still to heavy), cleaned it up with the Alchemy mix again and gave it some final highlights with a mix of Cobalt Alchemy and Stormhost Silver.


I still need to choose what color the remaining parts will get.

The first one...

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She’s still far form finished, but i tried a lot of my planed Color scheme with her and so far i like it, well the most of it.

I really like the green Cloth, so that was painted for the other 9 aswell.

I used only GW Colors so far, and if some of you want to know what i used i thought i would put a shor Explanation here.


I started with a base coat of Caliban Green and gave that a quick wash with Coelia Greenshade and tidied it up again with Caliban Green.

The first highlight was a 50:50 mix of Caliban Green and Kanalite Green.

The second highlight was just Kabalite Green

Next was a mix of 50:50 Kabalite Green and Sybarite Green

The final highlight was pure Sybarite Green.



I like the look of it too, so i will keep it like that for now.

It was base coated with Pallid Wych Flesh that was washed with a mix of Lahmian Medium and Nihilakh Oxide. I cleaned it up again with Pallid Wych Flesh and gave it a final highlight with White Scar.


Bow and Detail on the Quiver:

I really like the finished Version here, so i’ll use it for all the others.

The base coat was Pallid Wych Flesh again because i didn’t want a pure White here. I followd up on this with a wash of Seraphim Sepia, and a second one in the parts where i wanted to have a darker tone. And i finished it of with Highlights of Pallid Wych Flesh.


Orange Detail:

I like this one too, it’s a nice contrast to the green and brightens it up a Little bit.

Here i used a base coat of Troll Slayer Orange followed by a first highlight with a mix of 50:50 Troll Slayer Orange and Fire Dragon Bright. The second Highlight was done with pure Fire Dragon Bright and the last two steps were a 50:50 mix of Fire Dragon Bright and Averland Sunset and pure Averland sunset as a spot highlight in some places.


The leather of the gloves and boots is still missing a highlight, so i will come back to this one in another entry. The Armor was an Experiment, but i really don’t like the result, so i will try something else here … Maybe i should give Scale 75 Alchemicals a test run here.

Well and i still Need to decide on a Color for the trousers and tassels.


And so it begins...

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So the first unit for my slowly growing Army are 10 Namarti Reavers, i just love the look of those models.

At the Moment the main idea for my Army is to be from the Mor’phann Enclave, ot at least to use the rules for them (short explanatin: they are able to resurect more of the Namarti Units than others, so expect so see many of those.)

For the color scheme i want to go with a very pale Skin with a faint greenish hue to it. A dark green for their flowing Robes as if they wanted to hide inside kelp-fields and some orange Details, a bit looking like some kind of colorful coral. The Bows should look a bit like that too, just a more subdued color.

Let’s see how much of this i will be able to manage.